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 Blood Flowers (A letter to Satan)

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PostSubject: Blood Flowers (A letter to Satan)   Sun Jul 12, 2009 7:28 pm

I dreamt of you again last night I am amazed at how symbolic my dreams can be. I was in a hotel in my dream. It’s a hotel I dream of often, sometimes you’re there and other times I am alone. No matter who is with me I am often trapped within its walls. One night I nearly saw my own death amongst the long velvet hallways and brass plated elevators. Last night’s dream was no different. As always I entered the hotel with excitement to be among the elegant chandeliers and bright glass doors. Soon I realized I had stepped into a gatehouse of death. There was an assassin savagely slaying the guests at random. In a panic I ran through the corridors attempting to get as many people out as I could. In frustration I noticed the gleaming glass doors I had once admired were crudely bolted shut, confining us all inside. With the help of some rather large men I rounded the guests into one room and barricaded the door to prevent anyone from entering. We then began searching for a way out. I was separated from the others when I found a long hallway with a set of glass doors at the end. With unwavering intent I ran towards the doors, eager to escape this hell. As the hallway came to an end I noticed a man standing outside leaning against a wall calmly smoking a cigarette. As I drew closer I recognized it was you, collectively enjoying the scene from other side of the glass. You were the assassin, an executer feeding off the pain of death, enjoying the sight of warm blood on the decorative tile floors. All my fear dissipated as I stared into your calm cooling eyes. I abandoned my mission to save the others. At that moment all I wanted was to be on the other side of the glass, your hand in mine. As I pressed my hand against the door I heard you say, "You can’t get through this door Cazz." I looked down to see that the door had been crudely bolted shut, just as the others.
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Blood Flowers (A letter to Satan)
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