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 Insidious Epiphanes

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PostSubject: Insidious Epiphanes   Sat Jul 18, 2009 4:21 pm

Let me spin a tale for you,
Let pen unto parchment glide
Alit our darkest hours,
For to this tale, there are two sides…

Strange Times (Twist to Romance)

… First our weary harper,
Just a wraith, could do no wrong
Second our marble maiden,
Twist and turn from weak to strong.

What story need start with beauty,
What song need break a heart?
What dirge need break with sanity,
Why Damn the Beast to mark?

The forests seem so silent now
Where once they sparkled life,
The mountains seem an effigy,
Like… a mind, put to the knife.

Once dark, once light,
Now black once more,
I lurk within the ‘why?’

Once dark, once light,
Still I don’t know how,
But she lit up the sky.

I don’t know how, but she lit up the sky.

Was it fate, or was it folly?
Was it chance, or luck purest? ...

On a Midnight Stroll through Carpathia

... Fragile glass that wove a moonbeam,
Fickle maiden that bleedeth surest?

A being of blood and serpents, a tattoo in her eye
A tale of life and death, Full Moon alight the sky
An ode to ancient Aeons, just an effigaic melody
Come flesh to melt away, the true person we see.

A pen to write the story,
A heart to hear the words
A vein supplies the ink,
An eye to judge its worth

Tap the time to harmony,
The rhythm seems to slow,
Twist the knife to cleanse,
Twist it to hear her moan

Soft soil will remove the filth; a spade will wipe it clean
A coffin to contain our woe, a prayer to halt her scream
A window to reveal the sun, a crypt to contain the Dead
A brimstone plain we’ll ride, a land to which we’re led

And lo, though our harper doth softly weep
And prays for her soul by night,

Spectres in the Night

He knows he’s done no wrong,
For ‘tis truth he can do only right…

Try, although he might to run
Far from memories of what he’s done,
Our harper stumbles upon weary feet
Unto his raging Maker meet.

I thought I’d closed the book,
I thought I had lost the key
Ethereal waters turn the page
Find a different side to me.

Abed at night, what wonders there?
Behold! Witness the land of dreams
Gliding through gilded forest there,
The author who penned my screams.

Trip the candle, light a flame
And touch it unto Desire,
Truth and lies beget the same,
A note lost upon the choir.

A sword of silver, a bullet of gold?
What weapons can slay the Dead?
My sins… evoke a ghostly mould,
To escape this land where I was led.

By blade, by friend ...


Come, Harper, meet thy end.

Flesh to flesh, memories taunt
Abyssic depths to golden sand,
Mind to mind, still she haunts

Tryst to tryst, our woes entwine
Corporeal unto immortal envy
Wish to wish, our souls unwind

Fail to weep, waste an Eternity
Too still to be breathing
Aching deep, try and keep me

Wake to sleep, the chains to sever
(No matter…)
Never is still better than Forever.

He lies there, breathing softly,
Our harper who could do no wrong
Reminded of mortality,
And the bond ‘twixt dirge and song.

This was originally the lyrical score to a concept album me and a friend wrote. Unfortunately, me and said friend had a falling out; he ended up keeping the music, and I kept my lyrics.

I still love the story this tells, simple though it may be.
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Insidious Epiphanes
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