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 Two Plus Two Equals Five

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PostSubject: Two Plus Two Equals Five   Tue Jul 21, 2009 1:37 pm

What misery is this I see? What faces hide, I seek,
What once was thought utopia, a vision for the weak;
Held servile in rebellion, my thoughts alone a crime,
In past through to the present, freedom a ghostly rime.

In seems to me the answer’s clear,
Although we lack the will,
To ask the question on our minds,
And hold our choices still.

The changes in the world have kept us all within a cell,
A cage of phantom properties: a crafted, loving Hell,
A place where rhyme is spat on, and to love a mortal sin,
Unique amongst the horrors past, we fear our very kin.

This war we wage on homeliness
Through slavery and toil,
Outside our hated windowpanes,
And afar, on foreign soil;

Am I alone in wondering where all our hope has gone?
Just yesterday we seemed to die, a month ago, an aeon;
And though my final breath seems far, still I fear it so,
For when I’m gone, who’ll stay the path, and who will go?

Anyone who hasn't yet read Geroge Orwell's Nineteen Eighty-Four desperately needs to do so. This piece was inspired by Winston's thoughts on Ingsoc's rule, from the time he began to actively rebel (by keeping a diary) until his capture, torture, and eventual execution at the hands of the Thought Police.
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Two Plus Two Equals Five
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